Komplet juniorski wakeboard Obrien Hooky + wiązania (wakepark+motorówka)

Obrien Hooky - deska zaprojektowana z myślą o początkujących i średnio zaawansowanych użytkownikach, którzy chcą rozpocząć przygodę z wakeboardem a potem doskonalić swoje umiejętności.

Manufacturer: Obrien

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Behind the boat and in the park, there is no better board for young rippers than the Hooky. Designed specifically to enhance the performance of smaller/lighter riders, the Hooky uses its forgiving shape, reduced width and Feather Core for superior maneuverability and easy edging. Its Progressive Rocker gives the rider a nice kick off the wake giving them plenty of time to add more moves to their bag of tricks. With its Dual Hybrid Rail Construction and Durarail tip and tail, the Hooky can also handle your local cable park with ease. These features make the board extremely durable and capable of handling all of the abuse these riders put their equipment through.

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